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Marzena Staniewska - Kryściak

HR Manager

+ 48 501 683 313

Currently, we looking for qualified staff in our plant, both in production and administrative positions.

We are focuses on long-term and stable employment. The average length of service in our company is over 20 years.

We offer to you:

  • friendly working conditions among older and younger colleagues;
  • possibility of vocational training, competent "teachers" who will guide you from A to Z in the specifics of work;
  • competitive employment conditions.


We will provide you:

  • wage remuneration in line with your qualifications
  • allowance for working at night (in production positions)
  • bonus for work on days off (in production positions)
  • bonuses for the proper functioning of the production process, planned sales volume and contribution to the development of the company
  • functional allowance for managerial and supervisory positions
  • social benefits, holiday benefits, vouchers for Easter and Christmas and allowances in the event of unforeseen accidental events or long-term illness
  • the possibility of joining a loan and relief fund enabling you to take out a loan without interest
  • group insurance, to which we can also register our partner and children
  • possibility of further education at courses and training financed by the employer
  • unlimited access to filtered and bottled water and regenerative meals for employees working outdoors
  • subsidy for corrective glasses.

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