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Quality Policy


strategic goal is to provide our products to meets your expectations

 has been successfully building the image of a trustworthy company for over 30 years. Many years of experience, a clearly defined strategy and defined goals allow us to strengthen our position on the plastics processing market in the area of broadly understood packaging products in the country and abroad.

achieves its goals through:

  • open dialogue of customer needs and expectations,
  • organizational and technological development,
  • on-time fulfillment of orders,
  • stability of employees' employment,
  • professional development of employees 
  • continuous process improvement,
  • customer satisfaction survey,
  • periodic qualification of suppliers.

we always fulfill our obligations

on-time delivery & repeatable product quality

Quality goals in   :

  • fulfillment of the customer's requirements and expectations,
  • stability of production costs,
  • taking care of customers' trust,
  • expanding our production offer,
  • taking care of the environment. 

experienced staff

know - how

repetable product quality

on-time delivery

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