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History of the Plastics Processing Plant Terplast Sp. z o. o. dates back to 1984. Then a new production company appeared on the map of Sieradz - the first in the twine production industry in central Poland.

The next few years of activity are marked by dynamic development: opening a second production building in Sieradz, taking over the Chemitex plant in Sochaczew and Agro-Pola in Stróża in the Lublin Province.

Today Terplast Sp. z o. o. has over three decades of operation. We are manufaturer of more than 100 types of twine for: agricultural, packaging, horticulture, horticulture, construction and food, as well as polypropylene yarns and ropes.

Sieradz Terplast is also a leader in the domestic production of packing tapes.

Long presence and stable position on the market means full credibility, irreplaceable experience, refined products and extensive specialist knowledge.

We are proud of our history, and at the same time we look calmly into the future, ensuring continuous growth, improvement of the production process and reliable service.

So far, thousands of farmers and companies have trusted us.

Join to us - call, write, come and rely on us!

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