Agra foil

Agra-stretch film offered by TERPLAST Ltd. enables storing hay directly in the field. Our film protects for 12 months. Perfect quality and strength resulting from 3-layer structure and application of raw materials from the best producers.


In our agra-stretch film the polypropylene chains are oriented both longitudinally and trans-vertically which enables to obtain high mechanical characteristics in both directions.

In this way we can mix the following features:  strength, elongation, shrink degree, resistance for perforation and solar radiation.


Agra-stretch film improves effectiveness of use in any fodder, improves mineral management and ensures biological active substances in hay-silage.

Very low costs and high quality fodder are the main advantages of this technology (only round baler and bale wrapping machines are necessary). The advantages of our agra-stretch films influence the annual popularity of this technology.


Wrapping the bales of forage with film offered by TERPLAST Ltd. guarantees high quality hay-silage. Thus high profits can be obtained. Below we present the paramenters of agra-stretch film produced by TERPLAST Ltd.:


  • co-extruded,
  • 3-layer structure or 5-layer structure
  • adhesive inner side
  • stabilized with UV filter
  • colours: white, green, black
  • length: 1800m / 1500m
  • width: 500mm / 750mm
  • thickness: 0,025mm
  • 80% elongation
  • Guarantee: 1 year
  • Packaging: 1 pallet contains 24-36 cartons with film.
  • Each carton contains one roll.


It is advisable to pay attention to the following remarks:

  • percentage value of dry hay in hay-silage should be between 40 and 60%
  • wrapping bales of hay-silage should be performed within two hours after baling, preferably at the place of storing
  • the film has one adhesive inner side
  • the bale must be wrapped with foil 2 or 3 times with 50% overlapping -avoid wrapping in rain
  • wrapped bales must be stored in two levels on a flat surface
  • do not store bales on pallets after wrapping
  • do not shift bales