The Wraptex brand covers a wide range of products for packaging, bundling, looping, fixing or hanging. Therefore, our Wraptex range is highly versatile and proves useful in many areas: from private use, through transport, dispatching, and logistics to food industry.

Since we are a leading manufacturer of strings and cords in Poland, our offer must include polypropylene packing cords. Made of 2, 3 or 4 cores, they guarantee high strength and are used in a number of applications: packaging products, wrapping and tying parcels, and fastening or hanging out underwear. We also manufacture a special type of string approved for contact with food, used in meat processing plants for binding cold meats.

Terplast Ltd. is also one of the largest Polish manufacturers of polypropylene tapes. This packaging material is perfect for protecting goods in transport and storage. Our packaging tapes are applied to secure pallets and loads (wood, stone pavers, ceramic tiles, etc.). The direct recipients of our tapes include the largest domestic distributors, as well as plants, courier agencies, and dispatching companies.

The standard offer of our tapes includes variants in the width range of 5 - 19 mm and thickness of 0.3 - 0.9 mm in many colors. Since our tapes are produced “from scratch”, our customers may adjust the parameters to their individual orders; also, we can offer a custom-made product of non-standard dimensions or put a pre-ordered print on the finished product. The high quality of our tapes is confirmed by huge interest among buyers from Poland, Europe and all over the world.

Additionally, we sell fastening tape accessories: tensioners, banders, unwinding devices, semi-automatic belting units, as well as tin and wire clips.

Wraptex’s wide offer is supplemented by palletizing nets and polypropylene yarn used, e.g. for the production of strings, shoelaces, ropes, nets, and grids, as well as decorative fabrics, scarves, curtains, carpets, and floor linings.